Western nations have decided to move on the one hand toward cleaner ways of doing business. Renewable energy, non-petrol powered transportation and a move towards paperless versus paper filled government & workplaces. There is a realisation of limits to growth and resources. Economists now agree. Ecologists agree. The Pope agrees. So, why is change across all industries not a global phenomenon? Why are they only selling EVs in certain markets and not others? Why not offer subsidised solar in the tropics where it would be most effective? Why is fast internet only available in certain places?

We wondered for five years about these questions and more. It should be so easy to shift the market where it is small. Its easy to educate a few people. If the citizens decided that they wanted better for their community, all they needed to do was get their representatives to listen. Corporations would follow the lead of the market and government.

On the other hand western society is afraid of letting go of the past. It is more difficult to consider a better future than it is to fear a worse one. "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." French version is: "Un tien vaut mieux que deux tu l'auras." This 16th century proverb that works well for those in time of famine, before penicillin with less than a billion global population. Those were the days. Today is different.

We live in the Google era. It is easy to find and create information as well as cheap food. It is easy to compare, study and communicate. Opportunities abound for those who challenge the status quo. Research pays off in the end. Risk brings reward, if you know where to look. No matter what industry, if you pay attention to your surroundings as they change, you can benefit. The risk is actually in your head. It was put there in the 16th century.

Saying this out loud helps us realise that bringing EVs to an island where there has been no support by the industry is not actually risk. It is a calculated measure to kick start improvement for the people sharing the island. Share X Mobility is born from brainstorming using the 3 letter airport code. The X can be said as an "x" or considered a multiplication symbol or not said at all. Share mobility is what we are here to do with our best effort. It wont be easy. We are trying. We are excited to learn with you.