While looking for an electric pick-up truck that was on the market 15 years ago (Ford ranger EV),  I stumbled upon an interesting find. The vehicle is used by FedEx, UPS & Coca-Cola. It's called a Navistar EStar. A 16 foot van that can travel 100 miles per charge. Located in San Raphael California, it would take more time and money to bring it to the island than our other vehicles.

We believe this addition to the fleet will be an incredible asset to our mission of the electrification of transportation in Saint Martin. Our hope is to bring a more peaceful, less traffic snarled, cleaner shift for the people of the island and beyond. The neighbouring islands can use our template.

We decided to put the Kia Soul EV on hold until later in the year when we believe the availability will increase, the price will drop a bit, and we may have more capital. It is our luxury option for tourists in the fall. But as a company that will be shouldering total risk of bringing EVs to an island with no servicing available for them, we are relying on the fact that they need less than the ordinary. Actually EVs are not appealing to dealers for the specific reason that they need almost nothing in terms of maintenance.