Our system is being checked and confirmed for easy use everywhere on the island. We are making sure all forms of electronic payment are compatible. We want the process to be as smooth as our vehicles on the road. We are making sure the upcoming soft opening later this month will be spectacular!

All of the effort to bring a new way to transport yourself in Saint Martin is eagerly anticipating all input and questions our future participants may have. So, if someone sent you this link, please check through the whole site. Read our previous blog entries for history on our creation. Send photos if you see our cars. Send requests of what you hope to accomplish using our service.

We expect personal use and business use alike will benefit sharing EVs. Everyone needs to get around, but not everyone wants to buy a car. Everyone travels, but only for a moment. We aren't all taxi drivers and couriers, but they can use our service too. Our locally grown service will employ citizens are interested in making island transportation more productive, pleasant and prompt. In cities where car sharing exists, for each car in the fleet 10 people give up owning. That means 10 less cars on the road causing traffic, polluting, and taking up parking spots.

With the phone in your hand and a credit card, we will make life more convenient than ever before in Saint Martin. Imagine less traffic while having access to set of different types of clean, quiet and quick vehicles. Need a van today and a compact car tomorrow? A 7 seater during Carnival? Make you reservation early and you are set! We will expand our fleet to other vehicle sizes as they become available on the market. Check our previous posts about those models.