Inspecting the cars before we put them on the boat as of this is posting. We are so excited to get rolling now that we have some initial funding and expectant customers ready to rent long term two of the five cars.

We are sourcing used i-Mievs from the USA. But we are also looking to France, the side of the island we are established, where they offer great incentives for buying new electric vehicles. Some EVs in Europe are not found in the USA. We hope to educate the island community with the pleasure of electric vehicles. Currently, no dealership here offers or services them. We hope to make connections with them in an effort to have servicing in the future.

The most robust battery technology currently in production is the i-Miev (since the 1999-2003 RAV4 EV is no longer manufactured). Since 2009 Mitsubishi has offered the car to various markets across the globe. Used as police cars and more, they are built for city driving. The extent of maintenance is cabin air filter and wipers. Not even rotating tires are needed!

Update: Feb 2016, we find that purchasing takes at least a month from inspecting to being placed on the boat at the port of Miami. Car dealers aren't familiar with exporting cars or wiring money. Nor do they assume you might be serious unless you have all of the info to complete the deal. If you try this on you own, be knowledgeable.