We have begun raising funding. The acquisition of the fleet begins in January. We are looking forward to bringing the electric vehicle transition to the island. Clean, quiet transport adding to the appeal of the island as a destination. Building the charging system and parking options will coincide with the added EVs on the island. If you know of an ideal spot to place chargers, please contact us. We are searching for plug-in partners.

We will also facilitate those who want to purchase their own vehicles. The assistance will be with identical vehicles to our own, because we trust that they will be ideal for island life. Some EVs have maintenance or technical issues based on our expertise, that will pose problems to this locale. Of course, you can say that about any vehicles. Our technicians will be able to aid in charging installation and such if the need arises for our buyers.

Ideas are easy to come by. Execution of those ideas are why you will want Share X Mobility to help you get around easily in Saint Martin. We can make your rental process smooth, paperless, and fun. We can also show you a great to car to replace your current gas guzzler and keep the $80 to $100 weekly in your pocket. In one year and 7000 miles of driving, we spent $159. When we get solar panels, that will drop to $0 in a few years!

We have even made connections to electric bus and truck suppliers. We hope to create a driving experience where you only hear the kind greetings of the Friendly Island and the music of the ocean wind. We want SXM to be one of the first places to completely transition off of oil. New opportunities are ahead. Thanks for riding with us.