One would think that on an island with many visitors, little space and no public transport worth noting, that sharing rides or cars might take off quickly and easily. But just as in the US, it really depends on insurance coverage what possibilities are in the running for the Friendly Island enterprise. Would they allow public use of personal cars? Would something like Uber be possible? Would there be backlash from providers of insurance or licensed drivers? It really depends on how many people use it and how much money might be involved.

On the island, like many other islands, tourism is king. So, the concept of car sharing might not pay the bills like a standard rental business. But could there be a mix? Of what would that mix consist? Would it be a Zipcar like system that applied the fleet to alternative uses? Or an Avis like system that has automated access to local or frequent users? Are there any examples anywhere?

Meanwhile, how can the issue of electricity usage be overcome where rates are highest? The answer is portable charging platforms and anchored off-grid stations. The portable station is less expensive but only facilitates one car at a time. The larger anchored off-grid station requires construction approval and more investment, but services more cars at once, which is good for inevitable growth.