In late 2011, hearing of the Think City manufacturer going bankrupt, I began to research more about the car. Selling the last 100 of them in Indiana at $22,000, I thought then, "Thats a good deal!" This was due to the additional $7500 you could get incentive-wise, bringing them down to $15,000. Finding out fleets of them were being used for rentals in Europe made me wonder, why not in the Caribbean? But then after talking with a few locals on the Friendly Island, I was reminded about the cost of power on half of the island, the conservative "risk adverse" attitude and the current style of luxury that consumes a tourist economy, pardon the pun.

Even though the new affluent ride bikes, buy local organics and shun gas guzzlers in the states, islanders have not caught up to that way of thinking. But some like where we are going more than where we have been. It usually is the prime factor in telling how old you are. However, I believe its really about perspective. Cost of power is offset by the savings in petrol expense. Who goes first is just a matter of when, and then everyone follows. Finally, selling the concept as luxurious is attitude. We were sold driving ourselves is affluent, when families in the past had maids AND drivers. Only lower classes touched gas pumps, I assume.

So, as I wait for the estimated time of arrival for the EV at the port of Palm Beach, I reconsider that Think City rentals could still happen. It could be Mitsubishis instead or a combination. Off grid charging stations had been part of the capital investment plan. But maybe advertisement could offset the outlay, as Volta does in the US. Maybe we crowdscource the capital. Ideas are living things that can evolve and they're called "memes". 

UPDATE: Title papers have been FedEx'd to the shippers. They're expected tomorrow. A third party picks up the vehicle afterwards, to deliver to the shipper. Hopefully that action takes less than a day, since their distance is less than 10 miles. So, the best case scenario has the car arriving at port on Friday and staying there 3 days, due to US Customs requirements. Then departing Wednesday to hit the island Sunday October 19th.