After having notarized power of attorney papers FedEx delivered to their corporate office, CarMax export officer, Brent, expedited the process that was above the pay grade of a sales manager at a dealership. He responded quickly after every question of ours. He sent wire transfer papers by secure means. He explained the next hurdles to be jumped after the bank received payment.

The exporting of a car used to allow adding items to its interior for shipping, but no more. So, the 4 tires and the external hitch purchased for the car had to be sent separately. A cost of $66 by Tropical shipping. Window tinting was going to be done by a third party, since CarMax does not offer it. But exporting also doesn't allow third party intermediaries. Only the dealership handling the paperwork can be in contact with the vehicle. Be careful what you say to a salesman.

Update: Monday Oct 6th, wire transfer was received by CarMax. They will be finishing up sale documents and DMV processing by mid-week and hope to have the original documents out to Tropical shipping by the end of the week.