Evolve or die is the way of life as well as business. So, we have decided to sell our fleet of i-Mievs. Rentals will become a thing of the past, since the shift of reducing the amount of cars on the island has been sidelined by hurricane Irma from September. Interest has always been steady regarding sales, but we shied away from it for fear of the uninitiated damaging the cars irreparably.

Now we will fully direct our efforts in acquisition of EVs (with liquid cooled batteries) to anyone of interest. Our service will be expertise, specifically:

  • in finding EVs new or used
  • inspection of vehicle
  • transportation
  • education of ideal use of vehicle

There is still no sign of EVs being legitimately sold by any of the manufacturers dealerships in all of the Caribbean. The auto industry has chosen to turn a blind eye to this small but affluent population. The 70-100 mile range of low-level EVs fits most of the region's driving habits. I-Mievs were designed by islanders (the Japanese) for urban environments, not highway use. They should have been heavily marketed in the tropics once it was found that they were doing poorly in the USA.

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