We have been committed to turning the tide towards EVs in the Caribbean. The cars are ideal for island life, once people get used to the great experience it is versus their habits with gas cars.

We compare it to bad treatment in a relationship. If you and those surrounding you have never been treated well, then you believe everyone is treated badly! When you meet a pleasantly nice person, you are skeptical.

EVs are the nice people you never knew existed. We want you to get to know EVs. You're going to really like having these friends around. Clean, quiet, and quick are their main characteristics. No maintenance, hassle or stink of a gas car. Did we mention cheap to drive? The money put buying gas is 10 times more! Pay only 10% while not polluting at all!

Last year in Simpson Bay, Commodore Suites had a strong interest in accommodating his guests, pilots who travel at a moment's notice. They knew a bit about EVs. We connected and made plans. Then Irma rescheduled things. It is December 2018 and the Dutch side is the first to offer truly convenient transportation to their guests, all while being green. They installed a very nice charging unit, although any 220v outlet would satisfy charging a car quickly.

We are so glad to share this major advance for Sint Maarten, and we want to copy it island wide. This could potentially reduce traffic with fewer cars on the road and in parking lots. Offering a car for as little as 2 hours will change the industry as well. If there are any other establishments wanting to collaborate with us, feel free to reach out. Facebook, Twitter, email, WhatsApp are all ready ways to get a fast response.

Happy Holidays!!