One of our partners is about to return from the island of St. Martin, pushing the business for an input of capital this summer. We are giving details on our vision to local accountants, investors, and executives, as well as government officials from neighboring islands. Good impressions made all around during carnival. We hope to speed up the creation of a sun powered headquarters along with a charging station on the opposite side of the island. We also noticed the possibility that Tesla's foray into battery sales may be useful to our cause.

During this short trip a fleet of 15 cabriolet EVs, by Bollore, were spotted. Called BlueSummer, they go really far each charge! They use different battery chemistry than all other car companies, which create the distance increase. But there's a catch; they MUST be kept plugged in when not in use in order to keep the batteries cool. A tropical use car that can't keep cool without constantly using energy!?! Well, this info still needs to be corroborated, but they haven't made too many of these vehicles for anyone to review yet. We wonder if they are being dropped everywhere in the Antilles. Please note: it may not be a good idea to drive onto the beaches as seen in Bollore promotional image above.

We look forward to having more EV exposure on the island. Comparison will give opportunity to differentiate ourselves from other services and features; like being able to start the air-conditioning from outside of the car! Imagine pre-cooling your car BEFORE getting in it! Our vehicle offerings will be diverse also. We've learned one size does not fit all.

UPDATE: May 11, 2015, we have found out that the BlueSummer fleet is headed for St. Barts. The shadow of competition is too far to cover us but still needs an eye on it. There's nothing stopping anyone's expansion anywhere except for lack of imagination.

They are also putting cars in Martinique.