As my partner plans for returning to St. Martin in less than a day, I research the financials that investors would want to see. I rewrite what may be the final version of the business plan. My parner finishes scheduling the events for our stateside business as well as our dinner plans for the first half of the week.

I internally debate if the Ford Transit Connect EV is fleet worthy versus importing a Nissan E-NV200 from Europe, since both are capable of carrying 7 passengers, with some minor modifications on the former. If an electric or battery issue shows up in either vehicle, the repair will be almost impossible in the Caribbean unless we do it ourselves. But the appeal of a 7 passenger vehicle will be hard to deny in the fleet. 

The wait for Kia Soul EV's release on the east coast is unbearable. Why they cautiously expose this car to regions of the US, I don't know. So many other EVs they should have learned from by now to know where people would buy them quickly. It makes me "compliance car" concerned. If you aren't sure of what that is, then Google this decade's RAV4EV and where it is sold and serviced. Hint: It isn't the whole of the USA. Just California. Drive it anywhere else and it's warranty is void. Non California Toyota dealerships won't touch it. It had its share of problems as well.

EVs are very tough cars and require little to no maintenance. The remote chance that any battery service would occur is a lottery winning chance. The long term battery replacement is 3 to 5 years away. We will plan it to be a DIY event as well.