We have procured two wheeled electric fun for use in Saint Martin! Strictly for selfish reasons, we decided to get some really exciting vehicles that can be rented with insurance coverage. Vintage Electric Bikes is in California, making a few of these great devices by hand every year. Speeds fast enough to keep pace with traffic. So you don't have to worry about riding on any roads.

We have plans to get scooters to add to the fleet. However, we have not yet found the perfect electric powered version for the island. But we are doing testing with Genzee by Mahindra.

NOTE: We are talking to an electric vehicle mechanic that is reviving 15 year old Ford Ranger EVs with modern batteries and plugs. Some of his work is on the island of Hawaii. If you think your business on the island would be interested, please contact us.

June UPDATE: We have taken ownership of one Vintage Electric Cruz bike, seen below. Saint Martin can expect to see it whizzing around in the fall of 2016. We are considering a second one. Maybe we will try more than one type of two wheeled vehicle, if demand surfaces for them.