The amount of paperwork and governmental processes are almost finished. We hope to complete it in the next week, when we return to the island after spending 6 weeks stateside. We have verified our financial/bank status, as well as our partnership roles in Current Car Company. A hassle free car rental and car sharing company which also sells imported EVs. Based online, we will accept reservations and scheduling in advance via an upcoming app for mobile devices. We will also take them at the soon to be built website in 2015.

Our model for service will be comparable to Silvercar, a US based paperless car rental system, and Zipcar, a paperless carshare system. Both are known for exemplary customer service. We do this with the hopes of changing the status quo of each adult owning a car, adding to the gridlock and pollution on the island.

When real-time ride sharing comes around, we would like to be a part of it as well. Uber, Sidecar or Lyft like services on the island would be useful. It would reduce governmental need to regulate taxis and put that money in the hands of the consumer and businessperson, which could be ex-taxi drivers.

For a small island, smaller, clean cars would be a good start. Fully occupied, bigger, clean shared vehicles would be even better. Here's looking to the future of quiet, clean intra-island travel that could be copied across the Caribbean.